Car Restoration

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Photobooks for Car Restoration1-Resoration

Your first task in a restoration project is to document your car with pictures. You should cover just about every part of the car with good, crisp, clear and overlapping pictures. Complete side, front and rear shots of the car should be complemented with close-ups. Also take pictures throughout the entire rebuild. We find this to be one aspect that most restorations, amateur and professional, severely lack.

Always take pictures of how and where you found the car before you drive or trailer it home. A car with a “photobook story” will appeal to buyers and increase its market value. But it will also help validate the history and condition you found it in.2-resoration

Go through the car’s engine, drive train, brakes, wheels and suspension prior to any cosmetic restoration. Before and after pictures of any repairs should be taken for the photobook journal. If you have your mechanic doing some of the work, buy a disposable camera and ask them to take pictures for you.

If you find no repair work is needed to the floorboards of your restoration project, we still suggest you take pictures to validate your findings and then again after any application of protective coatings.3-restoration

It’s comforting to hear a smooth, solid sound when closing the door on any car. And if you can hear that sound after restoring a fifty year old car, it’s like music to your ears. All the better if you can show pictures in your restoration photobook, detailing the work you did to accomplish such a feat

 A spectacular paint job can only be accomplished by  taking the body of your car apart, stripping it clean and fixing any imperfections prior to priming and painting. Good preparation of the metal work is essential if a beautiful and lasting finish is the desired result. Showing pictures of your excellent prep work process will impress your friends and alleviate any concerns to a potential buyer.

Well now your done and time to show off just a little. Maybe you might even win “Best in Class” at the car show. Wouldn’t that be a great picture to have in your Restoration Photobook.6-restoration

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